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"THE"  Definitive Listing of Property for Sale in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Zim-Properties presents houses and property for sale in Zimbabwe, and lists houses available in all popular suburbs of Mutare, such as Murambi, Fairbridge Park, Florida, Greenside, Morningside, Westlea, Chikanga, Dangamvura and Yeovil.

Our listings include: rural and urban residential, commercial, and industrial properties for sale.

We have a selection of houses and property in the Eastern Highlands region, such as Nyanga and Juliasdale. We also present numerous plots, stands and land for sale throughout Manicaland.

You won't find our lists inflated with properties that have already been sold!

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We are proudly based in Mutare, Manicaland and we have this regions' largest dedicated online and functionally complete listing ».

Our web-site is a showcase platform for individuals in Zimbabwe to advertise their properties for sale and rent to the general public.

Our ethos is to fairly represent ALL property sellers and buyers, without prejudice, discrimination, or class distinction.

Our Business
• Property related Consultation & Advisory services
• Property Development
• Valuations & Assesments
• Property Marketing & Advertising

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15/10/2016 - 12 new properties recently added. Preview them, and all other properties here »
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Fern Valley , Mutare
property for sale ref-134 vspace=4
Palmerston, Mutare
property for sale ref-130 vspace=4
Greenside, Mutare
property for sale ref-121 vspace=4
Bernwin Chikanga
property for sale ref-011 vspace=4
Fairbridge Park, Mutare
property for sale ref-004 vspace=4
CBD Mutare, Zimbabwe
property for sale ref-109 vspace=4
Greenside , Mutare
property for sale ref-096 vspace=4
Dangamvura Village
property for sale ref-105 vspace=4
Chikanga 2 , Mutare
property for sale ref-145 vspace=4
Light Industrial Area, Mutare
property for sale ref-120 vspace=4
Chikanga 2, Mutare
property for sale ref-164 vspace=4
Gimboki phase 1

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